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Prize for Peter Brömel and Frank Ecke

Potsdam, 2000.Jun.29

During the  Ada-Europe 2000 Conference  Peter Brömel and Frank Ecke have been awarded the Prize for Excellent Work in the Field of Ada which is sponsored by the  "Förderverein Ada Deutschland e.V." .

The prize has been awarded for their Diploma Theses

Comparison of the Concurrency Concepts of Ada, CHILL, Erlang, and Java

 Case Studies 1  (Peter Brömel; short, full)    and

Case Studies 2  (Frank Ecke; shortfull)

which they wrote in 1999 in the group of Programming Languages and Compilers.
The theses are a complement to their joint paper

  Description and Comparison of the Concurrency Concepts of Ada, Java, and CHILL

which they wrote in 1998.

After graduation in 1999 they both joined the industry and are now very busy working on Ada projects. This was also the reason that they were unfortunately not able to attend Ada-Europe 2000 and accept he prize personally. The diploma of the prize  was therefore presented to their supervisor Jürgen Winkler.   (FSU press release)

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