Jürgen  F.  H.  WINKLER
Publ & Talks
Foto: Günther
2008 - Professor emeritus at FSU
1993 - 2008
Full Professor of Computer Science at FSU
- Program Verification: FPP Frege Program Prover
- Formal Semantics: FOR-Loops
- Object Orientation: Standardization of Object CHILL
- Unsafeness of the Integer Arithmetic of Java
1980 - 1993
Researcher and Group Leader at Siemens Corporate Research in Munich
Work on Compilers, Programming Languages and Software Engineering:
- Siemens Ada Compiler
- Enhanced Debugger for the Siemens Prolog System
- Development of Object CHILL
- Compiler for Object CHILL
- Foundation of the "International Workshop on Software Configuration Management"
1973 - 1980
Researcher and Group Leader at the University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Computer Science
- Development and Implementation of PROGES, a language for program generation
- Development of a Generator for Operating Systems for
   Process Control Computers written in PROGES
- "A Systematic Approach to Process Operations" (PhD Thesis)
Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe
   (One of the early such degrees in Germany)
Thesis: Formal semantics of programming languages using an operational approach