Jena University, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Institute of Computer Science
Programming Languages and Compilers 

Jürgen  F.  H.  WINKLER


Since 1993   Full Professor of Computer Science at Jena University
             Main interests: program correctness, object-orientation,  
                             programming languages and their
Foto: Günther
1980 - 1992  Researcher and Group Leader at Siemens Corporate Research in Munich
             Work on Compilers, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering
             Some projects were:
                Siemens Ada Compiler
                Enhanced Debugger for the Siemens Prolog System
                Development of Object CHILL
                Compiler for Object CHILL
                Foundation of the Workshop: "International Workshop on
                   Software Configuration Management"
1979         PhD in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe for
             "A Theory of Process Operations"

1973 - 1980  Researcher and Group Leader at the University of Karlsruhe,
             Institute of Computer Science
             Some Projects were:

                Definition of PROGES, a language for program generation
                Develompment of a Generator for Operating Systems for Process 
                   Control Computers written in PROGES
                A systematic approach to process operations (PhD Thesis)

1972         Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe
             (One of the early such degrees in Germany)
             Diploma thesis was on formal semantics of programming languages 
                using an operational approach

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